Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol is a brand new Barcelona brand specializing in rubber toys. The designs are based on original designs from the '60s and' 70s, filled in several ways: in cool monochrome colors or just gentle natural tones. This trendy brand was founded by the sisters Oli & Carol (aged 20 and 15). They love design and nature, they have been amazingly combined in their original line of products.

All the toys are made of 100% pure natural rubber of the Hevea trees, completely safe to chew or take in bath! The toy is all easy to clean and ... looks very cool!

All natural rubber toys of Oli & Carol are of course ecologically biodegradable and fully handmade. The cheerful colors are applied with 100% safe (natural) dyes.

  • 100% natural rubber of the Hevea trees in Malaysia.
  • Hand-painted with natural "food-grade" dyes: Fully safe for babies to chew.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly & biodegradable.
  • Free of: BPA, PVC, phthalates and nitrosomine.
  • Very hygienic: mold free because there is no hole underneath the toys (and still keep moving).
  • Oli & Carol supports a school in Northern India (Bab Jodh Sachiyar Public School in Haryana) by donating their rubber toys to the children there.


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